A new silver clinical information tool (CIT) for managing wounds!


A Closer Look at Silver is a concise summary of the latest evidence-based information on silver therapy that helps address common challenges, serves to support best practice and guides decision making regarding the use of silver in wound management. 

This newly developed information tool provides a clear, easy-to-understand, generic synopsis on silver, including how, when and what type to use for wound management. 

The document has been specifically created for:

  • clinicians who need the latest evidence when choosing silver therapy for their patients
  • administrators and buyers who need key information for decision making and funding of silver therapy
  • educators and resource nurses who need a generic reference to support staff education on the fundamentals of silver and its applications
  • anyone responsible for finding optimal strategies for managing the care of patients with wounds requiring silver therapy

The full-colour CIT is presented as a handy pocket-sized guide and includes three sections:

  • Section 1: The basics of silver and how modern silver technology works as a topical bioactive agent against harmful micro-organisms, how the types of silver dressings currently available differ from one another, a brief summary of infection in wounds and a resources list
  • Section 2: Factors to consider when choosing among the different silver technologies available
  • Section 3: A step-by-step approach for obtaining silver therapy in a care setting


A Clinical Collaboration

The CIT was developed using an approach that combined comprehensive expertise among scientific researchers in silver development and clinical experts in the field, bringing clarity to a complex clinical decision-making issue. Development of the document was facilitated by eQuadra Solutions Inc. with funding and scientific expertise from Exciton Technologies Inc.

Heather L. Orsted, RN, BN, ET, MSc (British Columbia); Carla Spina, PhD Chem. (Ontario); Edie Attrell, RN, BN, ET, IIWCC (Alberta); Chester Ho, MD (Alberta); Lindsay Kalan, PhD (Alberta) and David H. Keast, BSc, MSc, Dip Ed, MD, CCFP, FCFP (Ontario).

To acquire your free copy of this brand new silver resource — A Closer Look at Silver: A Clinical Information Tool (CIT)—please request through our contact form.