exsalt®SD7 ('Silver Dressing 7 Day') Highlights

Performance Features of Exsalt® SD7 wound dressings:

  • Silver in the +1,+2 and +3 valence states (highest oxidation state of silver available)
  • More active silver is available to interact with harmful microbes in a lower quantity
  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial action: Gram +/-, yeast & fungi
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Excellent antimicrobial activity with less total silver in dressing

Major advantages of Exsalt® SD7 wound dressings vs. other silver antimicrobial dressings:

  • Rapid and sustained bactericidal activity
  • Broad spectrum of activity
  • Cost effective, requires less silver
  • Decreased likelihood of resistance

Exsalt® SD7 wound dressing construction:

  • Two non-adherent outer layers with an inner absorbent layer (3 layers in total)
  • Exciton’s unique proprietary silver oxysalt coating throughout all layers
  • Smooth, breathable and flexible non-adherent, compatible with delicate skin
  • Low concentration of silver for lower cost 
  • Easily cut-to-shape with no loose fibers


Exsalt® SD7 dressings uses a unique kind of silver technology: silver oxysalts.  To understand this different form of silver, a closer look at the evidence-based information can assist in understanding how it works and what clinical benefits can be expected with applying into a wound care routine.



Introducing exsalt®SD7 wound dressing:

Advanced silver for superior performance

exsalt®SD7 is a silver wound dressing that uses a unique kind of silver technology: silver oxysalts.

Silver oxysalts offer higher oxidation states of silver* (Ag2+, Ag3+) capable of interacting with microbial DNA, proteins and lipids, as well as provide potent oxidizing action through the increased power of Ag2+,3+ for advanced biocidal activity. Consequently, exsalt®SD7 has the ability to powerfully interact with microbes without needing a high content of silver to be effective*

exsalt®SD7’s silver oxysalts technology, combined with a low silver content, makes the dressing safe and gentle to use. exsalt®SD7 has also demonstrated only a nominal shift in pH, providing comfort for your patients—without sacrificing biocidal activity.

Note: Comfort

Improve your patients’ experience with silver dressings without sacrificing biocidal effectiveness!

A nominal shift in pH
= comfort

In addition, the combination of unique silver technology and low silver content means the silver dressings can be produced efficiently and at a low production cost, resulting in a cost-efficient dressing.* This means potential cost savings for the management of wounds!


 * Data on file.


exsalt SD7 Info pamphlet